Programs are available at Blessed Savior for Children of all ages!


Blessed Savior Lutheran Early Childhood Center has earned a 5 STAR RATING with the Youngstar program. All children between the ages of two to six are welcomed into this caring environment. Along with learning skills for each age group, each child learns of God’s love for them. To learn more visit the Preschool’s website.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings, September-May, from 9:15am-10:15am.  We have classes for ages 3 through 8th grade, as well as High School. Throughout the Sunday School year, the children will occasionally sing in church, as well as take part in leading the Sunday School Christmas Service. There is no need to officially register for a class, just stop by!  Visitors and friends are always welcome!

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation Instruction prepares young adults to defend the faith that was given to them in their baptism.  Through instruction, they learn the history of the Lutheran church, our church liturgy, and the Six Chief Parts of Luther’s Small Catechism.  Confirmation instruction meets on Monday nights, September-April, from 7-8pm for all 6-8th graders.  In addition to our Wednesday evening instructional classes, the 7th and 8th grade classes also participate in a weekend-long retreat.  The Rite of Confirmation is held at the 10:30am Worship Service on the first Sunday in May.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Our adventure this year is – WILDERNESS ESCAPE, WHERE GOD GUIDES & PROVIDES. We welcome all kids, ages 3 through completed 5th grade, to join us on a week-long Bible adventure. The program begins on Sunday, August 3rd through Thursday, August 7th from 6-8:30pm.  See our 2014 Vacation Bible School Page for more information.

Youth Groups

At Blessed Savior, we have many opportunities for youth to get involved in fellowship with other Christians, service to those in need, and witness to those who don’t yet know Christ.  While our youth do many activities and events together, we do have three age-specific groups:

5/6th grade youth

The 5/6th grade youth group is the first opportunity for a young person to get involved with a youth group.  This group meets roughly six times per year, and the focus is mainly on fellowship with other Christians and the opportunity for them to form lasting friendships with the youth that in their class.  The 6th graders also are invited to attend Youth Encounter’s Youth Quake.

7/8th grade youth

The 7/8th grade youth also has many different chances to grow in fellowship with one another.  This group joins with the High School youth on many occassions, including monthly Sunday Night Fellowships and Secret Services projects during the summer.  The 7/8th graders also attend the  Youth Quake.

High School Youth

Our High School Youth Group has all of the same fellowship opportunities, as well as the chance to attend several large events, both as participants and as leaders.  The High School youth serve as Junior Counselors for Youth Quake, participate in the Helpful Hearts Servant Event, and every three years attend the National Youth Gathering.

For photos from our previous events, please check out the Youth Group’s Blog!