Mission of the Fund

The mission of Blessed Savior Lutheran Church is equipping all people for continual growth in Christ and empowering them to reach out in love and service to others. The Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund is used to provide financial support for carrying out our mission as a congregation.

Grants Provided by the Fund

For information on the organizations that you helped support through your gifts to the Endowment Fund, please click on their link. If you wish to submit a request for a grant for consideration, complete the first page of the Grant Application Form and place in the Endowment Fund Committee mailbox.


$1,500 – Bethany Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
$1,000 – SOS Center, Milwaukee
$1,000 – Concordia Seminary


$1,200 – Helping Hands Bulgaria
$1,000 – Lutheran Special Schools
$2,000 – Bethany Lutheran Church
$500 – Camp LuWiSoMo


$300 – Metro Milwaukee Lutheran Mission Society
$1,000 – Lutheran Bible Translators
$1,000 – Doxology
$1,000 – Concordia Seminary Food Bank
$500 – Project Wittenberg
$1,000 – International Lutheran Church of Zion (West African Immigrants in Milwaukee)
$1,000 – LCMS World Missions – Worldwide Mission Work


$2,000 – Bethlehem and Hope Lutheran Churches, Milwaukee
$1,000 – LCMS World Relief – Tornado Disaster Relief
$1,000 – Lutheran Bible Translators
$1,000 – Wittenberg Project, Germany


$1,000 – The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee
$500 – LCMS Lutheran World Relief – Haiti Earthquake Relief
$2000 – Summer Vicar at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
$500 – Wittenberg Project, Germany


$2,000 – LCMS World Missions in the Dominican Republic
$1,000 – Lutheran Counseling and Family Services
$1,000 – SOS Center


$1,000 – LCMS Mission Senders in Kenya, Pastor Winterle’s Blog
$500 – Lutheran Counseling and Family Services


$500 – A Place of Refuge
$500 – Redeemer Lutheran Church

Contributions to the Fund

Giving to the Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund is one way that you can, in thanksgiving for the many blessings you have received from God, share those blessings to help others grow in faith. Through the Endowment Fund we provide spiritual enrichment for those who will carry on with the work of our church long after our personal mission is finished here on earth.

Immediate Gifts to the Fund

There are two types of gifts common to Endowment Funds. The first is an outright, immediate gift. There are envelopes in the pews for which you can indicate gifts made to the Endowment Fund. Donor cards which are located in the narthex on the Book of Remembrance display case can also be downloaded here.

The Book of Remembrance contains the names of those who were honored either by gifts made through memorials or contributions honoring a special events of a person. Honoring the birthday or anniversary of a loved one is a special gift that keeps on giving.

Deferred Gifts to the Fund

Another type of gift is a deferred gift through various means. Some of the possibilities include life insurance, will bequest, trust agreement, charitable gift plans, donor advised fund or estate plans. Contributions to the Fund can be made in cash, securities, by including the Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund in your will, or naming the fund as a beneficiary. If you would like more information please contact Jason Herried or Karen Naumann. For an interesting and abundant amount of information on different types of charitable gift plans please visit Gift Planning Services.

Additional Resources

Below are links to download a copy of our brochure or a donor card. The brochure offers additional information and explains the operation of the fund along with information on the benefits of contributing to the Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund. If you are interested in giving a gift to our Extended Ministry Endowment Fund, a donor card (shown below), may also be downloaded.

For a copy of the donor card, click here to download.

For a copy of our brochure, click here to download.