A Member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

located at 15250 W. Cleveland Avenue in New Berlin, Wisconsin

A Member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

15250 W. Cleveland Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151


Worship Hours

Sunday mornings
at 8:00 and 10:30 am
Thursday evenings
at 7:00 pm


Thanksgiving Worship

November 21
at 7:00 pm
Thanksgiving Day
at 9:00 am

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Thanksgiving Eve and Day

“God Blessed America”

November 21 and 22

It has now been 242 years since the birth of our nation. The Lord has enriched us with his wisdom and offered us his guidance. America will continue its course through the years ahead if we keep God in our hearts and listen to him.

“Glory, Majesty, Dominion, Authority””

November 25

In this brief letter, Jude tells us how to spend our time while we wait for the end. We are to show mercy to the doubters, and to snatch some from the fire (of hell), while attributing glory, majesty, dominion and authority to the only God our Lord through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Growing Strong in Faith while Building Lasting Friendships

Baptism of baby


Just as our Lord Jesus Christ commanded His church to baptize all nations, we believe that includes all people, young and old. As your child is baptized they are enrolled in our Nursery Cradle Program.

Preschool boy showing how strong he is


All children between the ages of two to six are welcomed into this caring environment. Along with learning skills for each age group, each child learns of God’s love for them.

girls drawing pictures

Sunday School

We have classes for ages 3 through 8th grade, as well as High School. Throughout the Sunday School year, the children will occasionally sing in church, as well as leading the Sunday School Christmas Service.

confirmation class


We teach and prepare young adults to defend the faith given to them in their baptism. These 6th through 8th graders are instructed in the history and teachings of the Lutheran Church while enjoying fellowship and winter retreats.

youth group

High School

As students continue their growth and friendships, both participant and leadership opportunities are available. Attending conferences, weekly Bible Studies and other fun filled events are available throughout the year.

women at picnic


All ages have many opportunities for fellowship. In addition to groups for various ages, there are groups for men and women. We also have church wide picnics and other events each year.

Thank You for visiting our site, we look forward to meeting you!

Any Questions? 262-786-6465

Thank You for visiting our site, we look forward to meeting you!
Any Questions?

In grateful response to God’s grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacraments, the mission of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches, communities and the world.

Mission Statement, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod