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Only God Takes Away Your Sin

There simply is nothing we can do to free ourselves from sin. Only God can take away our sins. The Israelites learned this in the desert. The more they fought the fiery serpents-the more they were bitten! Only God’s solution to sin frees us.

The Law and the Cross

Truly, God’s justice makes no sense to us. He sends his Son to save us-even though we did not even acknowledge him as God. His Son, Jesus, fulfills the law and then dies on the cross for us. God’s love is really beyond our grasp!

God’s Heart is Open to You!

What God has done through His Son Jesus Christ in biblical times, he still does today. His heart longs for each person that is alienated from him.

The Mountaintop Experience

We speak of “mountaintop” times we had in our lives. A convention, a presentation, a special event may all bring great satisfaction, but nothing can top what Peter, James and John experienced.

Preacher or Healer?

Preacher or Healer? February 4, 2108 by Pastor Sander Jesus has authority over nature. He can heal any disease or physical condition. However, he came to heal the soul and grant us eternal life-not just improve earthly life for a...

Minding the Weak

Minding the Weak January 28 by Pastor Sander In Christ I am free from death and sin. Paul warns us not to misuse this freedom. We need to mind those that are weak in their faith. The way we live and speak is noticed by others. Let us live as children of the...

Hiding from God? Give it up!

This psalm teaches us that the Lord, our creator, knows us inside and out. There is nothing about us he does not know. It is useless trying to hide from him.

It’s from Death to Life, with Christ

By nature we walk from life to death. In Holy Baptism, that is reversed. Having been made one with Christ, now our walk is from death to life, eternal life!

A Spiritual Bucket List

In this compound text of Isaiah and Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians we have a list of things to do: it is a type of bucket list for us Christians. It gives a number of suggestions on what to do while we live on earth!

The King Shall Come Again!

In depths of the despair the captives of Babylonia cried out: “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down.” Well, God did-in today’s Gospel. Our cry today is the same as Isaiah’s congregation. We long for our King!