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The Forerunner of Christ

Just as Malachi had long foretold, John the Baptist begins his mission: to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus. That was the only mission God assigned to him. As soon as he was done, he was to die at Herod’s hands.

‘Unheard of ‘ King

Until Jesus rode unto Jerusalem on a colt, no one had heard of a king that came in the name of the Lord. This one is different. No army, no escort, no weapons were part of his parade. He came to serve, not to be served. He came to free people from their sins.

Glory, Majesty, Dominion, Authority

In this brief letter, Jude tells us how to spend our time while we wait for the end. We are to show mercy to the doubters, and to snatch some from the fire (of hell), while attributing glory, majesty, dominion and authority to the only God our Lord through Jesus Christ our Savior.

The Noble Task: Teaching Christ

There is no nobler work on earth than to teach the Christian faith. We thank the Lord for Lutheran school teachers and for Sunday school teachers. “They shall shine like the stars forever and ever!”

Charity: Measure of Faith

Jesus told his Disciples that the poor widow gave more than the rich folks. In actuality, our offerings are a measure of our faith. The church belongs to God and he always takes care of it. We are but God’s instruments.

Vacation – A Divine Idea

The author of Hebrews reminds us that the Lord God himself had rested on the seventh day. Our labor is designed to support life and not to accumulate riches. Let us be content with what our Father, according to His will, gives us.

Making Your Life Count

Moses wrote only one Psalm, and this is it. He makes us think about the passing nature of life. He also asks the Lord to teach us to make a difference, so that we make our lives count!

Going into the World

LWML Sunday "Going into the World" October 7 by Pastor Sander At the very end of his ministry on earth Jesus commanded his Disciples to go into the whole world. Lutheran Women's Missionary League heard this command too. For 76 years they have been doing mission work...

Your Priorities?

Jesus was telling his Disciples about his imminent suffering and death, and his resurrection. They, however, were not paying attention. They were talking about who was the greatest. This is typically human. Jesus wants us to be spiritual.

Faith 101: Pray First

In our daily life we often undertake great projects. When we fail we ask ourselves, what went wrong. Jesus told his Disciples that they should have prayed first, before expulsing the demon from the little boy. Prayer ties us to God!