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Your Attention, Please!

It isn’t easy to get people’s immediate and undivided attention. But if we are in a store and hear, “Your attention, please,” we stop and listen. There is a sense of immediacy in many of God’s messages in the Bible. Christ’s call to discipleship is urgent and asks for total commitment. Christ’s mission is urgent.

The Ever Expanding Church

As you can see, the color of the altar paraments is green. Green symbolizes growth. The Epiphany season focuses on the growth of the church. We promote this growth by going into all nations and proclaiming the Gospel.

A Mystery No Longer

The Apostle Paul reveals to us what he was shown when Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. He learned that Jesus came to save all the people of the world. You and I are to convey this Good News to all!

The King’s Dream Was Real

When the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream, the result was real. God made an offer to the king. “Ask what I shall give you.”  Solomon asked for wisdom. Literally he said: Give me a listening heart. The Lord was pleased.

Cycles x Chronology

When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his son. God plans and acts in cycles. We live in the time. We measure hours, days and years. God acts in time when the cycle is complete. He will guide and rule our lives according to His timing.

Christmas Eve Service

The King of the Universe – The Almighty Creator makes His entrance unassumingly. The majestic Ruler of the universe does not value earthly things and status. His status is that of a servant of the Lord. Glory to God in the highest.

Let It Happen To Me

Mary had plans until Gabriel visited her. Some changes are better than our plans. “Let it happen to me just as you have said.” God wants to work in our lives for our benefit – and for the benefit of others.

Jesus’ Job Description

The Prophet Isaiah, who extensively writes about “The Servant of the Lord” gives us a glimpse into the future, when Jesus comes. Number one on Jesus’ job description is to bring the good news to the poor. That hints at where our interest ought to be focused.


I cannot think of anyone better than the Apostle Peter to bring us comfort at this melancholic time in our lives. He comforts the early Christian church that was punished for believing in Christ! He also has words to comfort us in these days in which much has been written about the afflictions of our society. Peter had a long and rather curious walk with the Lord. He is entitled to tell us to believe in God’s promises.

The Rules Of The Pottery

On the first Sunday of a new Church Year, it is entirely appropriate to go over the basic rules that will govern the year ahead. Isaiah draws an analogy from a pottery and applies it to the church. He compares us to clay, and God, to the potter. In God’s pottery, He sets the rules by which we live.

Our Homeland: A Divine Gift

Our pilgrim fathers brought the Christian faith with them. The Lord, obviously, blessed them and their descendants. Despite our weakness, the Lord has enriched us through America. Let us never neglect our prayers of thanksgiving, for truly, America is a divine gift to us!

First Death, Then Life

"First Death, Then Life" November 19 and 22 by Pastor Sander Our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the grave and rules his church and all things. On the Last Day he will return in glory and judge the living and the dead. Those who believed in him will be given eternal life....

Our God, Our Help, in Every Age

As we approach a new church year and the turning of the calendar,we turn to Psalm 90 and a favorite hymn, “Our God, Our Help, in Ages Past,” for insights into God’s perspective on time, and our use of the time He gives us for His glory and service.

Be Prepared and Ready

It is always best to be ready, but ‘Last Day’ preparations are most important. Since only the Father knows the day and the hour we need to be ready now. Jesus makes it possible for us to enter eternal life through his sacrificial death. Faith in him will allow us to enter.

The Lamb’s Stain Remover

The throng arrayed in white are the redeemed, who have believed God’s Word, who have been cleansed from sin. They are all part of the Una Sancta. They shout victory cries and cheer us on in the faith.