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Minding the Weak

The Lord Jesus taught a lawyer to love the neighbor as himself. Through a parable he taught him who the neighbor was. We are endowed by our Father in heaven to care for the weak – the less blessed than we are. Some fear doing this, labeling it socialism. As Christians we follow our God – not worldly ideologies.

Freedom in Christ

Since we all were set free from sin and death by Christ and were given the Holy Spirit, let us live accordingly. Let us focus on this new life and proclaim it to the world.

We are One in Christ

The Holy Spirit comes into our hearts through His Word and adopts us into God’s family. We are all united and kept in God’s family by grace. He nourishes us spiritually and we live a new, free life no longer captive to sin – and its consequence – death.

The Holy Trinity is at Work Here

On the first Sunday of the non-festive half of the church year, we are enriched by the knowledge that we do our work in the world backed-up and empowered by the Triune God! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit meet with us here Sunday after Sunday. We are blessed way beyond understanding. Let us cherish divine services.

The Holy Spirit Factor

Our Lord consoled his Disciples in the upper room on the night he was betrayed by telling them the Father would send the teacher, the Holy Spirit. He would teach them all things, so he did, and they began to speak in other languages. That is the Holy Spirit factor. The Church also experiences it.

The Right Hand of God

In Biblical imagery the right hand always conveys favor, honor, blessing. It is entirely logical and appropriate that Christ is seated at the right hand of God. The Church represents God’s right hand in the world. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Church blesses the world.

Lydia’s Baptism

The Lord made good use of his special instrument, the Apostle Paul. Now he sent him into Macedonia, a Roman colony. There God leads him to Lydia, whom the Holy Spirit called to listen to Paul’s sermon. She was baptized along with her family.

A New Heaven and a New Earth

The desire to be in heaven is multiplied and intensified when one reads Saint John’s description of the New Jerusalem. There God will dwell with us. There will be no crying, or sadness or death.

The Good Shepherd is my Lord

A systematic study of the twenty-third Psalm reveals how rich and valuable its teachings are. It contains many applicable lessons for our daily life. We shall not want, because the Lord is our shepherd.

Confirmands: Chosen Instruments

The Apostle Paul lived in the darkness of human folly. He wanted to worship a god he had imagined. Then the real God appeared to him and shaped him into an instrument to carry God’s name to the Gentiles. Now he would live in the light. Confirmands: Live in the Light of Christ!