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Figuring Out God? Don’t!

Some people spend their whole life trying to figure out God. He is above all human understanding. All three readings for today point to this fact: God’s thoughts are higher than ours. Paul’s imprisonment turns out to be good!

Living in Peace

The church in Rome had many problems. One of the more annoying ones was the people quarreled over opinions. Paul advises them to live and let live. We are all accountable to God. None of us is greater than another. Under Christ, we live in harmony.

Help for the Cross Bearers Available Here

Our dear Savior bids us to pick up our cross – to suffer for our faith, if needed. He does not call on everyone to suffer for one’s faith, but faith has to determine one’s posture and behavior in this life. The reward will come in heaven. Here we serve.

Peter’s Solid Confession

The Lord identified the source of Peter’s knowledge; “My father in Heaven!” This confession of Peter is the cornerstone of the church. Jesus said he would build the church on this faith even the power of the devil would not conquer over it.

We All Are Beggars

Be humble and persistent and present your requests to God in prayer. We all are beggars that God loves and wants to bless.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

When the storms of life hit –and storms do come – our mind may play tricks.We might imagine things that do not exist “it’s a ghost!” –and ignore whatexists: Jesus in our company. Faith is like a pulse: if you have one, you are alive.A strong pulse is better than a weak one. Strong faith is better than a weak one. Let God strengthen your faith with his Word and Sacraments.

When Traditions Hurt Faith

Paul laments the fact that his kinsman reject the Lord Jesus as their Savior. They will be lost if they continue to hold on to tradition rather than let God be God.

Strength for Your Daily Walk

If God is for us, who shall be against us, asks Paul. He reasons that if God gave his Son, would he hold back on lesser blessings? Certainly not!

Wheat and Weeds Grow Together

The just and the unjust coexist in this life until the end of times. Jesus reminds us that God (not us) is the judge. Our task is to proclaim the Gospel. Having done just that in this place for sixty years, we resolve to keep right on going!

20/20 Vision in 2020

On July 10th, our dear congregation turned sixty! Since that Sunday, July 10, 1960 when thirteen families met at Calhoun Hall the Gospel has been heard at Blessed Savior. Whether it was preached from a simple bar desk covered with a white tablecloth, or a small lectern, or a proper, elaborate and elevated pulpit like this. Today we begin, in a way, our 61st year of work in the Lord’s harvest field.

Confused? You’re in Good Company

Paul teaches that to experience conflict between the body and the soul is normal. The body has all kinds of desires and impulses that are offensive to the spirit. Paul himself deplored experiencing just that.

Caring for One Another

Jesus teaches us that whoever does not pick up his or her cross and carry it, is not worthy of him. This is true. However, we have lots of help carrying our own cross. He surrounds us with his angels and a cloud of witnesses that cheer us on!

We Acknowledge Jesus as Lord

It is common that people shy away from discussing their Lord Jesus in their circle of friends. Yet, Jesus expects precisely that! Since he conquered the grave, we live without the fear of death.