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Confused? You’re in Good Company

Paul teaches that to experience conflict between the body and the soul is normal. The body has all kinds of desires and impulses that are offensive to the spirit. Paul himself deplored experiencing just that.

Caring for One Another

Jesus teaches us that whoever does not pick up his or her cross and carry it, is not worthy of him. This is true. However, we have lots of help carrying our own cross. He surrounds us with his angels and a cloud of witnesses that cheer us on!

We Acknowledge Jesus as Lord

It is common that people shy away from discussing their Lord Jesus in their circle of friends. Yet, Jesus expects precisely that! Since he conquered the grave, we live without the fear of death.

Living with Confidence

Christians live with confidence. Their strength comes through faith from God. They go into the world and proclaim the Gospel in the name of the Holy Trinity.

The Day of Pentecost – Empowered

On the 50th day (Pentecost) after the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit comes down on the Disciples. They are empowered. God builds his church to this day through his empowered people.

The Ascension of Our Lord

Paul prays that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened. He prays that we develop a deeper appreciation for our ascended Lord Jesus. He is the head of the church and of the universe. In his hands we are safe!

Paul Enlightens Politicians

The Areopagus was a place where the “good ol’ boys” of Athens met. Former mayors, senators and men of influence were all part of it. These all listened to Paul.

The First Christian Martyr

Stephen was stoned to death because of his faith in Jesus. The hatred for God’s love in Christ did not cease with the Crucifixion. On the contrary, it increased. Every year tens of thousands of Christians die a martyr’s death.

Alive in Christ – Dead to Sin

Christ’s death on the cross enables and inspires us to live as if we were dead to sin! The Holy Spirit teaches us to walk in God’s ways.

This News Overcomes Fear

While these two Disciples on the road to Emmaus thought Christ had not been raised from the grave, they were afraid even to walk at night! When Jesus revealed himself to them, they knew they had eternal life. All else is inconsequential.

The Enduring Joy and Hope of Easter

Our Easter celebration has only just begun! Christ is risen! There’s no doubt about it! God has our priceless inheritance in store for us in heaven which will never perish, spoil or fade away. What a grand and glorious day that will be, when we receive our eternal inheritance in heaven

Holy Week

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