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A Glimpse of Paradise

Peter, James, and John had a glimpse of heaven when Jesus invited them to the top of a mountain. There He was transfigured before them. With Jesus, two very special guests: Moses and Elijah. Both, heavyweights of the Old Testament.

We are God’s Gardeners

Pastors are not the lords, but the servants of the church. Like every Christian, they are only God’s gardeners. They plant the Word, we water it (Christian education), but it is God who makes faith grow. Simply put: we are God’s gardeners.

Placing the Lamp on a Stand

The Lord Jesus assigns to us the task of illuminating the world. “You are the light of the world,” he says. So we are. He brings us out of darkness into his marvelous light continuously through his Word and the Holy Spirit.

Consecrated for You!

Today we see clearly that Jesus came into our flesh to fulfill the Law of God in all its requisites. We speak of active and passive obedience. The presentation in the temple is part of his active obedience. We have seen God’s salvation.

The Lamb Died-We Live

"The Lamb Died-We Live" January 19 by Pastor Sander The people all knew about the sacrifice of lambs. They were all acquainted with the stories involving the sacrifice of a lamb. When John points to Jesus and says: “Behold the Lamb of God,” he was speaking of a...

Walking from Death to Life

In Holy Baptism we are made one with Jesus in his death. There we say “no” to the devil and “yes” to God. So we walk from death to life. Only Jesus gives us that!

Very Reassuring Words

As we begin a new year, we are profoundly comforted by the Lord’s promise to Solomon. That promise is for us too! The most precious words are that God totally renews us through the forgiveness of sins.

The Power of Faith: Believing

None of us knows a thing about God’s eternal truths. They must first be revealed to us. Then we receive the Holy Spirit (who comes to us through the Word). He enables us to believe in God’s Word through the gift of faith. Joseph learned this in a very special way.

Anxiety Eraser

You can quietly believe every promise of God. He said that he will restore the things broken by sin-yes, also our sin. He will heal us and remove anxiety from our hearts. Even the dry desert will be watered and bloom.

When Blood Type Matters

John the Baptist laid down the law to some people who thought they would be saved by their blood type! The only blood type that matters is Jesus’ innocent blood, poured out for us!

Come: Let Us Walk in the Light

A new church begins with the promise of light. God is the creator of light. It was the first thing God created. In Jesus, he recreates light. Paul urges us to walk in the light in preparation for Jesus’ return.

The Signs of the End

In rather great detail our Lord describes events in the world that will signal that the end is near. It is quite obvious that most of these things are taking place at the present time. As Jesus said: “Straighten up!”

A Less Than Willing Moses

Moses did not exactly jump at the chance to serve the Lord. In fact he came up with no less than five excuses. But, when the Lord’s finger is pointed at you, there is no escaping. After receiving special powers, Moses went.

The Church Triumphant

When we read Saint John’s description of heaven, a strong desire to be there erupts in our hearts. We draw much strength from all who have gone before us and who died in the faith. But, since we still are in the church militant, we keep reaching out with the Gospel.

The Essence of Wisdom

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In this 111th Psalm we are given a thorough rundown of our relationship with the Lord. Let us never neglect the study of His Word.