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Do not Fear, only Believe

"Do no Fear, only Believe" July 1 by Pastor Sander These words were said by Jesus to a man whose daughter had just died. We can imagine this man’s pain. Jesus, however, tells him not to fear, only believe. We are urged to do the same...

The Tree and the Chaff

A tree planted by streams of water is what the psalmist compares a believing person. The unbeliever he calls chaff. A tree is reliable and produces fruit-while the chaff is blown away by the wind.

The Lord is Quick to Save

Immediately after the fall into sin of Adam and Eve, the Lord came to their rescue. While reprimanding the serpent, which was possessed by Satan, he promised a savior, a descendant of Eve.

Observe the Sabbath = Come to Dinner!

The third commandment is, indeed, God’s law. However, it is closer to an invitation to come to God’s house and feast on his blessings! Parents of young children have a precious opportunity to teach this to their children!

God So Loved the World

In the still of the night a man comes to visit Jesus. He was a prominent Jew and did not want to be seen. He was the one-man audience for Jesus’ lesson on the Holy Trinity and the way to salvation. God did it for all of us!

The Power of Holy Spirit

Ezekiel was a prophet to the exiled people of God. From a spiritual and national point of view they were dead. They were dry bones. The spirit of God entered them and they stood up-an exceedingly vast army! Imagine what he can do with us baptized and redeemed!

We Preach Repentance and Forgiveness

On the occasion we observe our Lord’s Ascension we rejoice with the whole church on earth. We are all led by the same Holy Spirit to preach God’s Word and to make disciples of all nations. We teach and preach repentance and forgiveness.

Only God Takes Away Your Sin

There simply is nothing we can do to free ourselves from sin. Only God can take away our sins. The Israelites learned this in the desert. The more they fought the fiery serpents-the more they were bitten! Only God’s solution to sin frees us.

The Law and the Cross

Truly, God’s justice makes no sense to us. He sends his Son to save us-even though we did not even acknowledge him as God. His Son, Jesus, fulfills the law and then dies on the cross for us. God’s love is really beyond our grasp!

God’s Heart is Open to You!

What God has done through His Son Jesus Christ in biblical times, he still does today. His heart longs for each person that is alienated from him.