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Judgement Day is Real

The Charges are Dropped July 30, 2017 by Pastor Sander For those who reject the Lord Jesus as their Savior, there will be no escape on Judgement Day. Amos describes this “no escape” scene: a man is running from a lion, then meets a bear, he runs into his house and is...

A Throng Arrayed in White

Jesus revealed to us this glimpse of life in heaven. This will be our life after the resurrection of all flesh. Meanwhile we suffer and endure pain and attacks of all kinds. Heaven is guaranteed.

Accepting Salvation by Grace

The hardest part for a Christian is to accept salvation by grace. That is very different to understand. We want to pay for what we get. But, in fact, nothing that we can produce is acceptable to God. The just shall live by faith. Lord, help us to believe this!

Paying Taxes

"Paying Taxes" October 22, 2017 by Pastor Sander The Pharisees, an influential political party in Jerusalem, wanted to indict Jesus by setting him up against Caesar. But Jesus told them to give to Caesar his dues, and to give themselves to...

The Lord’s Banquet Menu

Aged wine and the finest of meats are on the menu for the banquet the Lord will give on the last day. On that day there will be much celebration because death will be no more.

God’s Ways – Our Ways

If we could have kept Paul in freedom, we certainly would have done it. The Lord, however, knew that he would be more effective in prison. Through Isaiah the Lord states: “My Ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts, higher than yours!”

Ministry Begins with “Mini”

This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed.

Verbs Designate Action

Dear Apostle Paul seems to be telling us: “Don’t just sit there. Do Something!” He ends up his list of suggestions of what we ought to do by explaining that we overcome evil by doing good things.

Diversity Pleases God

The church is the body of Christ, teaches the Apostle Paul. For that reason we each have our specific function. In church all are needed, all belong. All bring their gifts and contribute for the common good in proportion to their faith.