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We are God’s Gardeners

We all fall short of God’s demands. We must rely on Christ for our own salvation. However, we are given the privilege to help our unbelieving neighbors to come to faith. We do that by praying for them and gently sharing our faith with them.

A Glimpse of Heaven

Jesus invites three of his disciples (Peter, James and John) so they can experience a glimpse of heaven. They recognize Moses and Elijah who were talking to Jesus about his exit from earth. Peter exclaimed: “It is good that we are here!”

To Forgive Takes Greatness

Joseph had a hard time convincing his brothers that he had no ill will toward them. They had been jealous of him and sold him to a caravan of traders. He became a mighty man in command of Egypt. But he showed his brothers that he forgave them and saw that God had turned an evil thing into a good thing.

The Choice: Trust Yourself or God?

At the example of Psalm 1, of David, Jeremiah draws a distinct contrast between people who think they have to save themselves, and those who just trust God, and are saved by grace. Given the choice? Trust in God.

Here We Sing with Angels

The title of our sermon is literally true. We sing a canticle which God composed and which the angels sang in Solomon’s temple. We sing the “Holy, holy, holy” here every Sunday. Just like Isaiah, each one of us is commissioned by the Lord to proclaim the Good News. Let your light shine!

Love Never Fails

This text of 1 Corinthians 13 on love, is quite often used at weddings, because it explores the word “love”. However, this love is from God, it’s pure, it expects nothing in return, it is not envious, it seeks the well-being of the other party. Only God’s love can accomplish all these things!

Everyone Counts in Christ’s Family

The Apostle Paul explains to us that each of us counts and is part of Jesus’ body-the Church. It was God who composed the Body! Hence, there is a reason for which God made each of us. He assigned each one of us for a task. May He guide and strengthen us so we can do our share!

Fear Not – I Redeemed You.

There is a large piece of granite by the north entrance to our building. Isaiah 43:1 is carved in that stone. It also is my confirmation verse. I can’t tell you how often I have run home to that verse, assigned to me by the pastor who confirmed me. I think of it several times a day. It’s comforting. It gives me courage.

Stewards of God’s Grace

The Apostle Paul uses the term “economist” of God’s grace to describe himself. He is a steward of God’s grace. This is also a function of every Christian. We are to be God’s lamplighters in a world darkened by sin, immorality and conflict. With God’s Word we can do it!

The Christmas Effect

Christ’s birth does not only make a difference at the time of our death. Christians change here and now how they live their lives. Life on earth and life in heaven are effected by Christ’s birth!