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Making Your Life Count

Moses wrote only one Psalm, and this is it. He makes us think about the passing nature of life. He also asks the Lord to teach us to make a difference, so that we make our lives count!

Going into the World

LWML Sunday "Going into the World" October 7 by Pastor Sander At the very end of his ministry on earth Jesus commanded his Disciples to go into the whole world. Lutheran Women's Missionary League heard this command too. For 76 years they have been doing mission work...

Your Priorities?

Jesus was telling his Disciples about his imminent suffering and death, and his resurrection. They, however, were not paying attention. They were talking about who was the greatest. This is typically human. Jesus wants us to be spiritual.

Faith 101: Pray First

In our daily life we often undertake great projects. When we fail we ask ourselves, what went wrong. Jesus told his Disciples that they should have prayed first, before expulsing the demon from the little boy. Prayer ties us to God!

Ephatha – Be Opened

We learn to speak by imitating the sounds we hear. Deaf people cannot speak in most cases. By healing the deaf man, our Lord also healed his speech impediment. Now he could not only hear the Good News-he could share it too.

God’s Manual for the Heart

Jesus said that it is not what we eat, but what we think that defiles us. The heart needs to be retrained according to God’s statues so that we, coached by the Holy Spirit, may produce good thoughts and do good things.

Bread that Heals

Most of us are very careful with the bread we buy. It has to be just right. Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will never die.

Be Tenderhearted

The word the Apostle Paul used for what we translate “tenderhearted” is epieikaia. Literally “be kind all around.” That is a most difficult thing to do, but since Christ accepts us – we can accept others.

The Lord Always Provides

When the people of Israel saw the bread come down on the desert floor they asked: “What is it?” (manna, in Hebrew). They were totally dependent on the Lord, and the Lord did not let them down!

Take Heart. I am Here. – Jesus

We sometimes become so very focused and preoccupied with our troubles that we ignore Jesus standing by. He told us to come to him with our burdens. Sometimes we just forget to pray.