General Fund

The purpose of the Blessed Savior Lutheran Church Extended Ministry Endowment Fund, Inc. is to extend our ministry by supporting missions and projects that are not covered by our operating budget. The fund is organized in Wisconsin and is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. Individuals or organizations are invited to submit funding requests to a board member for specific projects. The Board of Directors will evaluate all requests based on their potential for furthering the mission and ministry of Blessed Savior and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. In thanksgiving for all of the wonderful gifts that we have received from God throughout our lives, we welcome the opportunity to use a portion of these gifts in special ways to carry on the work of our church long after our personal mission is finished here on earth.

Board of Directors

Jason Herried, President
Nancy Propheter, Vice President
Lee Roloff, Secretary
Lori Filter, Director
Jonathon Hoogland, Director
Robert Koch, Director
Karen Naumann, Director
Robert Steib, Director
Robert Ziemer, Director
Mark Filter, ex-officio member
Pastor Sander, ex-officio member


For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Mark 10:45


For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree.”
1 John 5:7-8

Life Together

God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
1 Cor. 1:9

Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund

This named fund began in the fall of 2015 when a member of our church came forward with his testimonial and desire to establish a fund to help the homeless population in Milwaukee and its contiguous counties. Our congregation was challenged to match this initial gift and they enthusiastically did so in just two months. Members are encouraged to submit grants to a committee member for consideration. The Board of Directors will evaluate all requests based on need and compliance with the ByLaws and policies of the Blessed Savior Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, Inc. A subcommittee has been established to promote this fund and research the various mission outreach services being provided to assist the impoverished and homeless in our area. If you are interested in assisting with this effort please contact any of the committee members.

Committe Members

Robert Koch, Chairman
Janet Steinhaus, Secretary
Jim Burow, member
Kathy Herbst, member
Karen Naumann, member

Ways You Can Support the Funds

Immediate Gifts to the Fund

There are two types of gifts common to Endowment Funds. The first is an outright, immediate gift. There are envelopes in the pews for which you can indicate gifts made to the Endowment Fund. Donor cards which are located in the narthex on the Book of Remembrance display case can also be downloaded from this page.

The Book of Remembrance contains the names of those who were honored either by gifts made through memorials or contributions honoring a special events of a person. Honoring the birthday or anniversary of a loved one is a special gift that keeps on giving.

Ways to Give to the Fund

Giving to the Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund is one way that you can, in thanksgiving for the many blessings you have received from God, share those blessings to help others grow in faith. Through the Endowment Fund we provide spiritual enrichment for those who will carry on with the work of our church long after our personal mission is finished here on earth.

Deferred Gifts to the Fund

Another type of gift is a deferred gift through various means. Some of the possibilities include life insurance, will bequest, trust agreement, charitable gift plans, donor advised fund or estate plans. Contributions to the Fund can be made in cash, securities, by including the Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund in your will, or naming the fund as a beneficiary. If you would like more information please contact Jonathon Hoogland or Pastor Sander. For an interesting and abundant amount of information on different types of charitable gift plans please visit Gift Planning Services.

Organizations Helped Each Year

2020 Grants

General Endowment Fund
$4,000 – South Wisconsin District LCMS “Human Care Fund”
$2,000 – Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative, Inc. (LUMIN Schools)
$2,000 – Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of Wisconsin
$5,000 – South Wisconsin District LCMS Food Bank
$1,500 – LCMS Missionary Rachel Meyer – Educational Consultant in Uganda
$1,500 – Rev. Micah Wildauer – Church Planter in Belize
$3,000 – Concordia Publishing – Brazil
$2,000 – POBLO International
$2,000 – The Lutheran Hour

Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund
$750 – Sojourner Family Peace Center
$500 – Blessings in a Backpack
$500 – Food Pantry of Waukesha County
$1,000 – Milwaukee Rescue Mission
$650 – St. Peter Immanuel Lutheran Church Food Pantry
$500 – The Caring Place
$600 – White Stone Warrior
$2,000 – Veteran’s Outreach of Wisconsin
$500 – Community Projects for Seniors


2019 Grants

General Endowment Fund
$4,000 – LCMS World Relief, Mozambique flooding disaster
$2,000 – Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty
$1,000 – Free at Last Prison Ministry
$1,000 – LCMS Missions – Uruguay Montevideo Ministry
$3,000 – LCMS Missionary Phillip Magness serving in West and Central Africa
$3,000 – LCMS-SWD Deaf Ministry
$2,000 – Lutheran Urban Mission LUMIN

Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund
$2,000 – Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge
$750 –  Street Angels, Inc.
$1,000 – Repairer’s of the Breach
$1,000 – Street Life Communities


2018 Grants

General Endowment Fund
$1,500 – Reverend Richard Wokoma, Educator and Pastor in Africa
$1,500 – LCMS Outreach mission in Lima, Peru
$2,500 – Doxology, Inc.
$1,500 – Missionary Rachel Meyer in Uganda, Africa
$1,000 – Missionaries Reverend Dr. Michael Paul and Jen-Yi serving in Taiwan
$1,200 – Helping Hands, Eastern Europe
$1,500 – Free at Last Prison Ministries
$1,500 – Bethany Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
$1,800 – People of the Book Outreach
$1,500 – Lutheran Church Charities – K9 Comfort Dogs
$1,500 – A Place of Refuge Ministries

Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund
$750 – Hebron House of Hospitality
$1,000 – Milwaukee Rescue Mission
$750 – James Place
$1,000 – Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin
$800 – Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Services, Inc.


2017 Grants
General Endowment Fund
$2,000 – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mozambique
$2,000 – Lutheran Hour Ministries for support of refugees in Lebanon
$2,000 – LCMS Disaster Relief for the Puerto Rico hurricane disaster
$2,000 – Missionary Rachel Meyer in Uganda, Africa
$1,000 – Lutheran Church of the Deaf
$1,500 – Brookfield Lutheran Thanksgiving Meal Mission
$1,000 – A Place of Refuge Ministries


Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund
$500 – Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge
$1,000 – Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Services, Inc.
$1,000 – Hope Center, Waukesha


2016 Grants
General Endowment Fund
$2,000 – Bethany Lutheran Church
$1,000 – Concordia Seminary/Dr. John Nordling
$2,000 – SOS Center
$1,000 – Lutheran Deaf Outreach Ministry
$2,000 – Concordia Publishing, Brazil Mission Society
$2,000 – South African Mission


Hope for the Homeless and Destitute Fund
$500 – St. Peter Immanuel Lutheran Church, Food Pantry
$500 – Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Services, Inc.

2015 Grants
$2,500 – Helping Hands Bulgaria
$1,762 – Holy Ghost Lutheran Church
$2,000 – Bethany Lutheran Church
$2,000 – Concordia Seminary/Professor Fuhrmann
$1,000 – Lutheran World Relief Earthquake in Nepal Disaster
$2,000 – Free at Last Prison Ministry
$1,000 – Lutheran Hour Ministries—Mission U
2014 Grants
$1,500 – Bethany Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
$1,000 – SOS Center, Milwaukee
$1,000 – Concordia Seminary
2013 Grants
$1,200 – Helping Hands Bulgaria
$1,000 – Lutheran Special Schools
$2,000 – Bethany Lutheran Church
$500 – Camp LuWiSoMo
2012 Grants
$300 – Metro Milwaukee Lutheran Mission Society
$1,000 – Lutheran Bible Translators
$1,000 – Doxology
$1,000 – Concordia Seminary Food Bank
$500 – Project Wittenberg
$1,000 – International Lutheran Church of Zion (West African Immigrants in Milwaukee)
$1,000 – LCMS World Missions – Worldwide Mission Work
2011 Grants
$2,000 – Bethlehem and Hope Lutheran Churches, Milwaukee
$1,000 – LCMS World Relief – Tornado Disaster Relief
$1,000 – Lutheran Bible Translators
$1,000 – Wittenberg Project, Germany