Faith and Anxiety Do Not Mix

Our Lord Jesus Christ assures us that our food and clothing come from God. He never fails. The Father gives us the kingdom of heaven. He will not hold back on earthly needs!

Life-Not Wealth

A person’s life does not consist on the abundance of possessions. Those who focus on abundance never feel that they have enough. True riches are found in our relationship with God, when our sin is forgiven and eternal life in heaven is granted.

Rulers and Authorities without Power

Once we were held captives by the power of the evil one. But, by dying on the cross in our stead, Christ disarmed all rulers and authorities and put them to open shame. We now are conquerors of eternal life through Christ.

One Thing Only is Needful

Given a choice between house chores and listening to the Lord speak-choose the latter! Martha was put in her place while Mary was commended for her choice. One thing truly matters: eternal life!

Minding the Weak

The Lord Jesus taught a lawyer to love the neighbor as himself. Through a parable he taught him who the neighbor was. We are endowed by our Father in heaven to care for the weak – the less blessed than we are. Some fear doing this, labeling it socialism. As Christians we follow our God – not worldly ideologies.

Freedom in Christ

Since we all were set free from sin and death by Christ and were given the Holy Spirit, let us live accordingly. Let us focus on this new life and proclaim it to the world.