A New Heaven and a New Earth

The desire to be in heaven is multiplied and intensified when one reads Saint John’s description of the New Jerusalem. There God will dwell with us. There will be no crying, or sadness or death.

The Good Shepherd is my Lord

A systematic study of the twenty-third Psalm reveals how rich and valuable its teachings are. It contains many applicable lessons for our daily life. We shall not want, because the Lord is our shepherd.

Confirmands: Chosen Instruments

The Apostle Paul lived in the darkness of human folly. He wanted to worship a god he had imagined. Then the real God appeared to him and shaped him into an instrument to carry God’s name to the Gentiles. Now he would live in the light. Confirmands: Live in the Light of Christ!

No More Weeping

The risen Lord proclaims His victory over sin, over death, over the grave. There is no more weeping for those who believe. The victory and the sting of death have been conquered by Jesus Christ. Today we shout: The Lord is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

Your King is Coming

Five hundred and fifty years earlier the prophet Zechariah foretold this parable in detail. God fulfills his promise. Jesus promised to prepare a place for us in his father’s house and then come back to take us to be with him. Today’s celebrations prepare us spiritually for Jesus’ return.

Salvation: God’s Gift to You!

The Apostle Paul shows us how he valued the Lord Jesus’ presence in his life. He lost every earthly possession in order to dedicate himself exclusively to the Gospel. He is an apt example for us-on how we ought to think of earthly things.