From Blossoms to Beautiful Fruit

Last Sunday’s and today’s Gospel lessons compare our relationship with Jesus to a grape vine. A more familiar analogy might be an apple tree. Jesus is the vine or tree, and we are the branches. When we remain firmly attached to Christ, we are able to bear much fruit for God’s glory and the growth of His kingdom.

Confirmation in a Chariot

Philip was a disciple of Jesus. He was one of those who received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day. Now he is teaching a foreigner about Jesus while riding in a chariot. The church keeps growing as you also go places.

Can You Hear The Shepherd?

In our world there is a great number of voices competing for our attention. Unless we know our Shepherd’s voice, it will be impossible to hear Him. We train our ears when we meet with Him in His house.

Are You Ready to Preach?

Jesus appeared in the upper room and greeted His disciples with: “Shalom — Peace.” He also opened Scripture to them and promised to send them the gift the Father had promised: The Holy Spirit.

Jesus Empowers the Church

The power of the church is the power of God’s word. The church has nothing to do with military power. The power comes from Christ and finds expression in love. Yet, the church administers its affairs at Christ’s command.

Alleluia! The Shroud is Gone

Death has been destroyed! We celebrate the new life in Christ because it is eternal and perfect. The disgrace has been removed from us. We are free from the wages of sin. We rejoice in the resurrection – Christ’s and ours.